Instant Theatre in Jahrgang 6

| 7. April 2016

Am 9. März 2016 besuchte Pag Naylor den Schulstandort in Königshardt. Pag Naylor kommt aus England und erarbeitete mit allen Schülerinnen und Schülern des 6. Jahrgangs in nur einer Stunde ein eigenes Theaterstück. Besonders daran ist, dass Pag Naylor ausschließlich Englisch spricht.


„Instant Theatre“ wird das Projekt genannt, bei dem völlig frei improvisiert wird, die Ideen der Zuschauer aufgenommen werden und ohne jegliche Zusatzmaterialien am Ende ein eigenes kleines Theaterstück entsteht.

Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 6a haben ihre Eindrücke dazu aufgeschrieben, natürlich in englischer Sprache. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


Pag Naylor: Instant Theatre (Wednesday, 9th March 2016)

We started with a story: a man lived with his wife on Pluto. His name was Marc. He had two sons, one 12, one 8 years old. Marc worked as a teacher.
It was his birthday, he was playing Pluto Minecraft. Suddenly a policeman knocked at the door. He told Marc that his wife Catherine was killed at a car crash with a bus.
His cousin Marvin had two jobs, he worked as a bank clerk and a bus driver. He drove the bus that had the accident. Marvin got a heart attack because he was very afraid of Marc. Marc thought about Marvin’s job as a bus driver, he could be the killer!
Marc went to Marvin’s house and saw Marvin’s dead body and he collapsed. The police also came to the house and saved both men and woke Marc up.
At this moment there was a shot: Catherine was there as a ghost and had a pistol. Marvin was a ghost, too, and tried to run away with Catherine. He loved her very much!
The policeman also shot with his pistol and the bullet flew through Marvin’s head because he was a ghost and Marc was killed.
In the end of the story Marc and Catherine wanted to live together and they said that cousin Marvin could also be with them in the ghost house.
And that was the end of the story… a very HAPPY END!

[by Karan Mehra, 6a]


Pag Naylor

Yesterday Pag Naylor was at our school and we made an English theatre play.
In the story we had a dad, Marc, and he had two sons, 12 and 8 years old.
Marc had a cousin, Marvin, and he had a job in a bank. Marc had a wife, Catherine, and they all lived at the planet Pluto. There it was 31 pm and Marc’s birthday, he was playing his favourite computer game Minecraft… but then his wife was dead.
Marvin had a second job as a bus driver and he drove the bus that killed Catherine. Marc posted that on FACEBOOK. Marvin read that and had a heart attack.
Marc was very, very sad. He said: ‘All these terrible things at my birthday!’
Then he played Minecraft again and the police came and killed Marc with a pistol. That was an accident, but Marc was dead and went to his wife Catherine. They were both ghosts and lived happily together, but Marvin was alone. Catherine said:’ Come and live with us!’ and all three were happy. HAPPY END!!!

[by Lenja Peters, 6a]


Pag Naylor’ s show: A hit!!!

On Wednesday, 9th March, Pag Naylor came to our school. We made all together a very nice show. It was about a man who lived on the planet Pluto with his family.
But his wife was killed at an accident.
In the end of the story everyone was dead… but they lived as ghosts in ghost-town!
Me, my classmates and the other class laughed because it was a fantastic show.
If I can give a vote, it will be five (5) stars!!!

[by Emmanuel Djau, 6a]


Pag Naylor at the HBG

Pag Naylor visited our school on 9th March 2016 during our English and History lessons.
He presented a very interesting kind of theatre called ‘Instant Theatre’.
‘Instant Theatre’ means that he asked simple questions, for example “Is our hero a woman, a man, a boy or a girl?” and we answered and made the story.
By using our answers he created a wonderful fantasy story and we performed it at the end.
One pupil had the role of a door, another one of a PC screen and Pag Naylor was one person in the fantasy story.
The story took place on the planet Pluto where the rain was green and it was 31 pm.
It was hard work to do this show but also very funny!!!

[by Lia Schneider, 6a]

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